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Music Composition, Sound Design, Films, and Games

I am a composer with extensive experience working on films, video games, concert works, and other productions. I graduated from Oberlin College with a Bachelor’s degree in film scoring and just completed the Game Audio Design and Production Professional Certificate through Berklee College of Music’s online program, which trained me in sound design, music, and implementation for games. I am proficient in the digital audio workstations Cubase Pro and Logic Pro, the music notation software Sibelius Ultimate, the game audio implementation programs Wwise and FMOD, and the game engine Unity. My score for Katie was nominated for the Best Original Music Award at the 2019 Oregon Short Film Festival.

Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Restoration of Audio and Podcasts

Purify your audio, listen to the pristine difference ! We have all the professional tools to eliminate noise and master your audio files to production quality. Our engineers use the very best industry standard tools to edit, restore, mix and master your audio and podcast files. We are experts with Izotope RX advanced, Music Production Suite, Fabfilter Pro Bundle, Steinberg Nuendo full,  Wavelab Pro and Spectralayers Pro.