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Lower IT Costs
Leverage the tools that give you a competitive advantage without hiring a large IT staff and training them. LBS can provide the integrated business process you need without huge capital investment.

Proactive Monitoring
The advantage with Proactive Monitoring is being able to prevent problems from occurring. Imagine knowing in advance that a hard drive is about to fail.

We help you manage group policies and information access so that sensitive information stays secure.

A unified solution to process and information management through sercure roles and devices.

Support 24/7/365
LBS Technical support is always available. You can email or call us for support with your server, workstation or application. SLA Contracts offer support over a period of time at a reduced rate.

What is the Benefit?
Keep IT  costs down and increase system reliability and performance with a proactive approach to monitoring your server and critical devices. Our automated alert and event notification, along with timely expert response to problems eliminates costs to upgrade, monitor, and patch your infrastructure.

LBS gives you predictable monthly IT expenses by tailoring your level of support to fit your needs. As your outsourced IT support, or as augmentation to your in-house IT staff, we will reduce unanticipated support costs.

Helps Companies Grow
LBS will meet the technical challenge at the core of your business: to securely and cost-effectively manage access to your information, while giving your expanding workforce access to the information they need to help you gain and maintain your competitive edge.

Spend your valuable time growing your business, not managing problems with your network or software.

Immediate Response
LBS delivers self-managing diagnostic systems that enable servers and data stores to automate diagnosis of problems with immediate contact to a support engineer when necessary. This results in reduced costs because of greater up-time, less on-site support, and increased staff efficiency.

LBS Support Desk offers online technical support. This means that a support engineer at LBS can fix problems on your system remotely. You don't have to wait for an engineer to arrive at your office, many technical problems can be resolved immediately.

What to prepare...
Identify a few pain points in your company that are due to technology.
Who to contact...
Call LBS and speak with a Managed Services Specialist:

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